Title: Professional PHP Programming

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Professional PHP Programming


PHP books


Jesus Castagnetto
Harish Rawat
Sascha Schumann
Chris Scollo
Deepak Veliath


Wrox Press

Release date

December 1999



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January 29, 2000
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Picture of Michael J. Sammut
Michael J. Sammut
Professional PHP Programming is a must have in any PHP developers library. Whether starting out or a seasoned user, this book offers something for everyone. The authors explain the use of PHP in such a detailed manner that someone who knows nothing of the language can quickly understand its use and power. While this may appear to be a turn-off to the experienced developer, these readers can relish in the fact the authors explain themselves so clearly that words do not drag topics out forever.

From the novice standpoint I believe the reader will find this book covers every core aspect of PHP in an easy to read, understandable, and try-it-out format. From syntax to database hooks and XML to MySQL a novice will find their way to the road of PHP bliss in a short time.

To the professional/expert this book offers code snippets and sample apps to help inspire or simplify common tasks (advanced ones too). A great feature is the extensive Appendix that covers all PHP functions and even HTML tag (We all need to know our HTML) support for 2.0-5.0 browsers. The PHP pro will find this book to be a great reference manual and refresher course in one.

Professional PHP Programming is a must have in any programmers library. It covers every aspect of PHP to use it on a Web site.

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April 6, 2000
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Professional PHP Programming is one of the most complete books that have been released about PHP. In a publishing style that is typical of Wrox, the book co-authored by five distinct PHP developers. The result is a very comprehensive book that covers pretty much all aspects of PHP that matter to users of all levels, from the beginner to the more advanced, using a very clear language style.

The book covers so many aspects that it would take a very long review to comment on all of them. Just to mention the matters that are probably the most important, it covers installation and configuration issues of PHP either on Unix and Windows using different Web servers, several chapters on distinct programming language aspects, SQL database programming focusing in particular in MySQL, LDAP, XML, graphical image handling, e-mail handling, cookies, security aspects focusing in particular in SSL support and page templates handling.

One important detail that makes this book stand out from the "crowd" of PHP books that have been released lately is a section of several chapters about case studies of real PHP applications. These chapters may be of great value for readers because more than the chapters that explain the language capabilities, these chapters help solidify the acquired knowledge on PHP programming with practical examples that resemble typical PHP applications: a shopping cart, a discussion forum, an email application and a database browsing application.

Each case study that is presented goes much beyond the simple paste of commented PHP code. On these studies the less experienced reader may learn about all the steps that a properly designed PHP project should take, starting the application requirements, solution analysis, application design and application implementation.

Programming beginners often skip these project designing steps because they are too eager to see the results and jump right to application coding. When programmers start getting involved in much larger projects proper application design is a necessity. In some of the presented cases better than the others, the studies provide valuable insight to application design steps that the less experienced readers may use to learn how to evolve their programming style.

The code in the book is meant to work taking advantage of PHP 3 features. There a few notes all over the book about differences in details to PHP 4 and a special appendix PHP 4 and Zend with the information that was available by the time the book was written (PHP 4 was still in the beta testing phase).

The book does not come with a CD with the code that is used in the book like others, but this code may be obtained for free from Wrox web site.

Overall this is an excellent book probably over the average PHP book. If you were looking for a book with a good coverage of the PHP capabilities this is probably your best bet.

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