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Flexible PHP Coupon System
Many e-commerce sites were developed in PHP to sell products and services.

Giving temporary discounts is a form to boost sales just to a few potencial customers. One way to give discounts is to share discount coupons codes.

Here you can learn more about how can you implement a shopping cart discount system that provides the flexibility that you need.
Stern PHP Type Safety
Strict type support allows PHP to check if the types of values passed to functions are of the expected type.

This possibility makes it easier for developers to catch bugs in code that pass the wrong types of values to strict functions.

Strict type support was introduced in PHP 7. To make older projects take advantage of strict types, you need to migrate those projects to PHP 7 to take advantage of this and other PHP 7 features.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform a smooth migration of older projects to PHP 7, so you can use strict types without introducing backwards incompatible changes that could cause more bugs to appear in your projects.
OPDS PHP Ebook Publisher Class
Ebooks are a modern version of printed books. They provide convenience to readers that want to keep many books without occupying so much space in their shelves. Ebooks also provide an easy way to access the book contents with the knowledge or the stories that people may want to read or to review again anytime they.

If you have a big personal collection of ebooks or you have a site that provides many ebooks to your users, a more dedicated ebook management system may be useful to you.

A good Ebook library manager like the one presented in this tutorial article will let you upload and add new ebooks of many formats, store details about those ebooks in a database, serve those ebooks for viewing and downloading their files in a way that is friendly for mobile phone or tablet users.
Cognitive PHP Voice Recognition
# How Can PHP Recognize Voices in Audio

Voice recognition can be one form to identify a person authorized to access a system restricted to a given group of people.

A Web application written in PHP can take an audio sample uploaded the Web server and use a voice recognition API like for instance Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to register the audio sample and associate it to a given person.

The same API can analyze a new audio sample with a user voice to tell if it is of a person that the recognition system is able to already identify as being of the real person with that voice.

This article and the video tutorial that is presented here gives more details of how to implement this approach in practice in PHP.
PHP GUID Generator
Scalable Web applications need to handle a large number of HTTP requests at the same time.

Therefore, they may use multiple servers to still respond to many Web requests very quickly.

Read this article and watch a short video that is included to learn how use a good GUID generator to handle better the accesses of many users using multiple Web servers and storing database records in database servers that may be running in different machines.
Laravel Routes to Postman Collection Generator
Some APIs are implemented in PHP using the Laravel framework. Usually they use Router objects to execute the code that is meant to implement each API call.

It can use the Router objects provided to implement a Web application or an API using Laravel to extract JSON configuration for using with the Postman application.
PHP PDF to Image Library
Sometimes applications need to render PDF documents as images to make some use of the content of PDF documents using simple PHP image manipulation functions.

This package provides a solution to convert PDF documents to images using the Imagick extension and the Ghostscript program to render the PDF documents as images.
PHP Myers Cyclomatic Complexity Inspector
This package can evaluate PHP code complexity using Myers extension.

It uses the Nikita Popov PHP parser written in pure PHP to determine the complexity of a given PHP script code passed to the PHP command line version.

The package can output the console the results of the analysis by showing if the code is too complex or good enough.
mezon PHP POP3 Client
Many applications need to automate the processing of email messages that they receive, like for instance to handle customer support requests sent by email.

This class provides a solution that not only can pull received messages from a POP3 mailbox, but it also provides several features to help automating the email handling like finding and deleting messages with a given subject.
PHP Comic Reader Tools
Many people like to read comic books. In the past they used to be available only in paper.

Nowadays, many comic books are available as computer file archives that contain digitized versions of the comic book images.

This package provides a solution to access and display files with comic book images.

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