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996. Launched New Site Design 2020 Edition for the PHP Classes Site

The PHP Classes site has finally launched a new design after several years without a significant update.

Read this article to learn more about the site design and the work of the designer that joined our team to make it look more modern.

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793. Check the LambdaTest Selenium Testing Tool Tutorial with Examples in 2019

Selenium is a tool for testing Web applications to check if they behave like what is expected after each change that is done on the application.

Selenium is a great tool but it may take you a lot of time and good knowledge to set it up to automate all the tests that your Web application needs to check if it works with many different browsers.

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663. PHP Classes 2018 Renewal Site Improvements and Feedback

The PHP Classes site has been through many changes in the last year. My personal life has also changed. My time is scarce. I need all PHP Classes site users help to keep it alive and working well.

Read the article below to learn what you can do help, like giving feedback about the current plans or suggestions to improve the current features.

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238. 5 Steps to Build Perfect Web Sites using the Design Thinking Process

The PHP Classes site is launching a new design for the package pages. The Design Thinking process was applied to determine exactly what needed to be added or improved to make it perfectly address the users needs.

Read this article or watch the demonstration video to learn how the Design Thinking process was used to create this new design and upcoming features that will address other users needs that no other site is satisfying.

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210. Becoming a PHP Master (Part 2): Reputation

A new important feature is being launched today in the PHP Classes and JS Classes sites. It is a reputation system that will provide more recognition and visibility to all PHP and JavaScript developers that perform good actions in the site.

Unlike other site features, the new reputation system is meant to make the site more rewarding and fun for all users, not just those that submitted classes.

Read this article and watch the demonstration video to learn how it works and how you can benefit from it to get more reputation and become a greater PHP and JavaScript master.

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138. 2010: Yet another great year for PHP

2010 was an year full of interesting happenings for the PHP development and its community of developers.

This article presents a balance of what were the most important happenings in the PHP community in 2010, as well a reflection of what we can expect for 2011 for PHP, as well for the PHPClasses site.

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136. AJAX 2: New possibilities offered by XMLHttpRequest level 2 specification

AJAX applications are often implemented using the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript object.

XMLHttpRequest is getting a new specification named Level 2. This post is just a quick note about another interesting article about what new specification brings and how you can take advantage of it in your AJAX applications.

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120. Launched the winning design of the Web Design 2.0 contest

The PHPClasses site had Web Design 2.0 contest, i.e. a design contest that allowed the users to propose new designs, allowed the users to try the proposed the designs in real pages, and allowed the users vote on their preferred design. Now the winning design is finally being launched.

This article talks about the initiative and interviews the finalists that disputed the second turn of the election. They gave their opinion about the present and future editions of the site redesign contest.

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112. Site design contest results announced

The results of the first turn of the Design Award contest were announced.

A second turn will follow because none of the contestants got at least 50% of the votes.

This article tells about how the contest went so far and explains how the second turn will work.

It also mentions some of the upcoming site features that have been in development, now that the design contest developments have practically ended.

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111. Vote on your preferred design proposal

The period for submit proposal for the design contest has ended. Now is time to choose on which you prefer. This article explains the design voting and commenting process.

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